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Too high CL as AU?

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Too high CL as AU?

I have my 18 year old son as an AU on 5 of my cards to establish come credit. The total is about $100k.

He has been able to get approved recently for Chase Freedom($2.5k) and AMEX BCE($2k) and USAA($500). At this point, should I take him off as an AU on all my cards?..Will this hurt is score by

decreasing his AAoA?  Will having a high CL as an AU on my cards limit his ability for future cards or CLI on his cards?  He is an AU user on my AMEX BCP, is there any reason to keep him as AU since he know has his on AMEX card?

What would you recommend??

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Re: Too high CL as AU?

Just keep him on it. It won't harm you or him in any way as long as he doesn't go on a spending spree with your cards Smiley Tongue
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Re: Too high CL as AU?

any more opinions??

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Re: Too high CL as AU?

If the cards have decent lines the utilization would be helping his score.


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