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Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

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Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

Stay away from the Total Rewards Visa Card backed by Comenity Bank!!

I had a card with them for 5 years that had a $15,000 available credit. I never made a late payment - never even had a late payment on any account with any credit/bill during the past 10 years.

I carried a balance of more than $10,000 for the past couple years due to now-ex-wife spending. I was preparing to go on a trip and paid the balance off to use the card. Without any warning or communication, Comenity immediately changed my available credit to $1000.

I am now unable to take the family vacation I had planned because of Comenity. I called in and the primary operator connected me to a "Total Rewards Supervisor" who basically indicated that any change in my account activity and/or or monthly automatically - my account details could be altered and that he receives a few calls like mine every week.

DO NOT TRUST COMENTIY TO TREAT YOU FAIRLY OR OPENLY COMMUNICATE THEIR INTENTIONS. THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH and I will take every possible opportunity to persuade every person that I know (personally and professionally) to stop doing business with Comenity. And I will take every free moment I have - where any person or organization has frustrated me - and I will use that time/energy to continue my crusade to deliver a financial impact to Comenity Bank - and Caesars has not only lost a credit card client - but a customer as well. By partnering with Comenity Caesars shares the guilt and I will include them in my crusade. I assure both organizations that I will cost them income and/or profits that are magnitudes greater than any amounts they have earned from me in the past as a client and I will not stop this crusade until I feel confident that together they have been impacted 100x the amount they impacted me today ($15,000,000).


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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

@srmcglothlin wrote:

I carried a balance of more than $10,000 for the past couple years due to now-ex-wife spending.



You carry a $10k balance to a casino for two years and you complain that they CLD you?  This is your fault and no one elses


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- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

To be fair to srmcglothlin , Comenity Bank is not a casino, and Caesars Entertainment probably didn't get asked about the CLD decision. 


That being said, balance chasing is not all that surprising... I learned that the hard way years ago with BofA and Citi. I would definitely not count on the TR VISA for travel other than to Caesars properties. 

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

I agree with him. They are scum. It’s not the balance that’s the problem. He paid his interest fees. It’s that they wait until the balance is paid off then cld. After they no longer earning big bucks. The did cld on mine as well. But I only had about $1500 balance. From 5k to 2k. I think it’s more to do with their lack of funds.

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

Did you open any new accounts lately? I wonder if this is just another version of their total account shutdown when you start mixing in more Visa cards or if they just got spooked by so many new accounts in a short period. I had the SCT on the Total Rewards Visa and I was able to enjoy it for one swipe and got shut down. All I had was Wayfair and TR with them at the time, but they didn't like my mini app spree so both were closed by them. I still got my vouchers and Platinum status for a year. Lesson learned for me, no more Comenity for me. (I still get SCTs on William Sonoma for their Visa, but fool me once..)

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

Note taken.  I bit on the Sportman's Guide BT offer.  Got it down to $1,250.  Hopefully they don't hit me with an AA for that.  Never have a statement balance of more than $125 on my Total Rewards.


If being a low spender would close down all CCs I wouldn't have any at all.  I simply know my life has much less stress in it when I am not constantly thinking about loads of debt.


As far as casinos go, I don't think it is fair they give you a plastic card and monitor your movement.  They know when you check into your room, when and what you eat and how much you are spending on video gambling.  But if you so much as count cards they think you are cheating.  The whole enterprise feels like an oppressive environment to me.


Comenity is the only one making a little money on me on this co-branded card, although I pay in full every month unless doing a year long, interest free BT.  The swipes is the little money Comenity is making on me.

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

It seems that this is something Comenity does from time to time......they CLD a lot of people for a while then it's back to normal for a while.  They CLD'd my TR visa then had me to re-apply and gave me a larger credit line.   I still don't feel comfortable with them.   



Sorry to hear about you not being able to take your vacation.....but then if you have to put your vacation on a high interest CC maybe it's not time for a vacation.

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

Comenity does not like big movements.


Opening tons of new accounts


Lots of inqs


SCT abuse followed by cold apping for an actual branded visa or mastercard


Huge spend increases or payoffs


All of this spooks them.

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

To mean machine. I carried a $10k balance from a low interest balance transfer promo. I didn't gamble and lose $10k. I pod it off with a bonus I received from work with the intention to use the card for vacation travel and then pay off the balance with the remainder of my bonus. I'm updet because I lost $15k cash flow right before going on vacation.

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Re: Total Rewards VISA (Comenity)

But if you can’t afford to take a vacation without being able to pay it off in a month that’s not what a credit card is for. It’s safe to build up the more prime cards for cash flow. They are the safer ones for that sort of thing. I’m sorry you weren’t able to take that vacation. That’s a real bummer. But maybe it’s for the best. If you needed the credit card to do it, you really couldn’t afford it....

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