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Total Visa Card

Total Visa Card

Has anyone heard of this card? Ive been rebuilding with my secured card through my bank and received that preapproval offer in the mail yesterday. So I guess my fico is looking up. FINALLY! ANyway, just wondering if anyone has this card and their experiences with the co. so far. the bank is Plains Commerce Bank.



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Re: Total Visa Card

High fees (although not as high as some others like FP) and high interest and isn't going to grow with you. I reccomend putting your info into the orchard Prequal. and see if they offer you anything, or a secured card. You can try BOA for a secured and after a year or so of good payment history, they will switch to unsecured. I got an unsecured BOA with scores similar to yours for 500. You may get the 99/500 offer that some others on here have recieved.
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Re: Total Visa Card

Don't get it.  It's not worth it.


I have had this card for 4 years & 3 months.  It STILL only has a limit of $350.  They refuse to budge.  I started at $250.


It charges me a $10 montly participation fee. The interest rate is 19.92%, which they also refuse to lower.


The customer service is terrible.  The website isn't great, but at least they don't charge me to make a payment.  Which, by the way, I can only do once every 10 days.


This card will definitely NOT grow with you.  Take Orchard instead.  Much better in my view.  I have 2 Orchard cards now.  The only reason I still have this card is because I have had it the longest, by almost 2 years over my next 2 oldest cards.

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Re: Total Visa Card

I received the Total Visa 04/08, called for a CLI 6 mths L8R in 10/08 ($25 increase to $275), and was told by the rep, that I could call in every 3 mnths for a $25 increase. Are you serious, only $25 every 3 months!!! If it wasn't 1 of the 6 rebuilder cards I started w/ in 4/08 I'd closed. But from what I understand here, I should keep it at least 2 yrs.

Now, here I am 3 mnths after my 1st increase, I just called on Saturday and was told it would take 3 days for a decision. At the most I'd expect another LOWSEY $25!!! That's ok though. After 2 yr mark in 04/10 I'll close. Plus my score simulator says I should expect a score of 730 by then, so we'll see. (At least they would have help get me decent scores).

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Re: Total Visa Card

I have this card as well.  I opened it in 04/08 and I have not called for any CLI.  I noticed that the card is only good for 1 year anyway, so I plan on paying it off and closing it before 04/09.  The customer service is terrible and if you're one day late on the payment they start calling you from strange numbers where the caller ID reads A. JOHNSON, V. HUETHER, B. DOHERTY, AND D. WASMUND.  And they call several times a day and never leave messages!  Very annoying!
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Re: Total Visa Card

After my recent call, I did get an increase. Now, brace yourself, it was a WOPPING $25...woo hoo I'm at $300 now!

Now I can buy 2 gallons of gas. 

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Re: Total Visa Card

I have the Total Visa......except for CrownJewelers they were the only ones that would give me a chance after my BK. I even got turned down for a Orchard secured card. Thanks to my Total card I now have a unsecured Orchard card, Target card etc. I have had no problems with customer service and they are great about reporting the the CRA' as far as a rebuilder they do the trick but they are not great about CLI's....I have gotton CLI's on all my other cards but them.
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