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Toyota Reward Visa

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Toyota Reward Visa

I just received a pre-approval for this card, which is pretty unexciting.  5x points at Toyota dealership, 1 point per $ elsewhere, points can only be redeemed, at a 1c per point equivalent, at dealers.  Some strange earning caps, such as 200,000 per year for points at the dealer, 5,000 points per month maximum elsewhere.


But first time I have seen this for FTF: 0.8% for foreign purchases in US dollars, 3% for foreign purchases in foreign currency.


Do other cards have this split?   I thought most charged the same FTF whatever the currency, which burned people who got bad exchange rates from the vendor at time of purchase, and then got the 3% FTF anyway.

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Re: Toyota Reward Visa


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Re: Toyota Reward Visa

I was solicited for this card a couple of times. I think I was solicited on the first stateent, and then at about statement #8.


At the time I didn't accept because there's always the caveat that they will look at your credit report, and I knew there was a blemish on my report that wasn't bringing down my score, but would give reason to a credit analyst to turn me down.


They've solicited me again for the card. Of course, their promotional offer for a balance transfer is moot for me as I've already been paying down my debt.


Not sure what to do with it. I do use the dealer for oil changes because I don't want my warranty to be voided, but I'm hoping with it being a Toyota I shouldn't need much in the way of service.

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Re: Toyota Reward Visa

All I can say about this card it is a waste of time to apply I wish I had not and had investigated further on this card before I applied, much better cards out there, look for my thread, CreditAddict's threads about this card, this card acts more like a charge card, can't request a cli until after a year, must pay in full monthly if leaving a balance cli denial is sure to happen, random reporting not at closing date, customer reps never connect you to a credit analyst even when asked, very strange. For frequent Toyota car owners like myself it is a shame that Toyota Financial Bank does not have a better credit card.......

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Re: Toyota Reward Visa

Well, I'm thinking about this one again.


Yep, in this month's statement there was a flyer to apply for the Toyota Visa. It might not be horrible, since the car has 50k miles on it and parts might start breaking, needing replacement. I already know the tires and brakes will need repair soon. For all I know, they've monitored my credit file and noticed that the Firestone/CFNA card showed usage after being dormant for so long.


It's going on the calendar...  August may be a planned CLI/App-O-Rama: BWAHAHA

I was going to garden... Honest!
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Re: Toyota Reward Visa

I got pre-approved for the card a few years ago and I got approved for $ 7800 a Platinum card. Recently, they upgraded my card to Visa Signature. The card is ok. It is good for servicing my Prius.

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