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Transaction on my Venture declined


Re: Transaction on my Venture declined

drewg350 wrote:
I just got my Venture about two weeks ago. Hadn't used it once, but decided to pay my $3200.00 rent payment online using RadPad so I could get the 3K spend requirement out of the way and get the 40K miles. I called Cap One and explained what I planned to do and the customer service rep was EXCELLENT. She just asked me a few questions, than looked up theRadPad website, made a note in the computer, and thanked me. The next day the payment wentthru without a hitch. I must say, Cap One's customer service was great. I love that you talk with someone here in America and not someone from India, Pakistan, etc.... No offense, but when I callAmex, I can barely understand the reps and they all sound like they're reading off a script. I actually told the Cap One rep how much it meant to me. So far, Cap One's right at the too of my list for best CC.

I must agree completely.  I know there's a lot of 'jabs' at Capital One on here, but right now they're my favorites as well. 


I've had to call them twice in the last few months and both times I got someone based in the United States.  Even though I didn't get exactly what I wanted (annual fee removed) I got the impression they really, genuinely tried to help me.  It was refreshing to speak to someone who wasn't constrained to reading off a script as well.


There might be other issuers out there with better rewards or better terms, but for my purposes Capital One has been fantastic.

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Re: Transaction on my Venture declined

taxi818 wrote:

black_citi wrote:

So I go to the store to make some purchases with my newly 1 week old aquired Venture card. Swipped, then declined. I only had the card for a week and this is my very first time using it. I have 2 other cap one cards with them and I never had that issue, but I knew it was because the account was so new and plus I was trying to put quite a bit on there. That spooked them so the card was declined. I used my QS Visa instead.


I came home and checked my account and sure enough it said that my Venture account has been restricted and that I must call the 800 number they provided. I called and a very nice woman answered. She said they need to verify some security measures (they actually had to call me back to make sure the number I called them from was legit), and afterwards they reinstated my account. All good now. But I missed out on my mile points. I had planned on using the card today to get those miles but oh well now. 


Although it was a bit of an inconvience, I actually love this fraud protection. I am just curious as to how they determine when to decline a charge. Even though my account was new (which is what the rep told me as to why the account was restricted), I have made large purchases in the past (not often) with brand new accounts and never had this happen. I know DCU has called me AFTER I made a purchase to see if I was the one that actually authorized it but I never got declined WHILE making a purchase until now. I know it varies from one person to another. I guess if you have other accounts with them, they compare your spending habits.I might be one of the few that actually likes when a CCC sees something suspecious they take immediate action by decling transaction. 

Good your card was reinstated. But they are not protecting you. They are protecting themselves. There is nothing for them to see. no way for them to know if suspicious unless your card was present. Only because of your first use. This is very common. After you will not have that issue again. Congrarts on your card. even if you tried $3 they would have done that. not based on the amount you were spending. unless you were at atm taking cash out. Smiley Happy which i doubt. Cap one is very good and not over paranoid like others. Caugh caugh. Barclays.

Barclays... I almost cancelled my card because of thier over zelous "security."  I had mine turned off 4 times in less than 3 weeks, more than any of my other cards had in years.  I happen to be overseas at the moment with the US Army, so it's pretty easy for a charge to be US (on base) and then 30 minutes later overseas.  I notified them as soon as I got the card of my situation, even got the special "military" travel notification limit (1 year, best anyone offers... except USAA, they just said "tell us when you're back permanently").  After the 4th time I told them this is rediculous, CSR agreed and got someone in security to move my account to a more risky category (or so he said), been 3 months and haven't had the problem again.

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Re: Transaction on my Venture declined

There is a lot of variation.  My last few cards (two Barclays Arrival Plus, ebates Visa and one I can't remember) I did my first transaction online for $2000+ and no issues at all, transaction just went through.   So might be length of credit file, reported income, etc.

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