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Travel cards questions.

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Travel cards questions.

I got a question for travel cards I don't really travel a whole lot at least by airplane but when I do I'd like to build some miles you know something basic preferably no AF I don't have a preferred airline or loyalty or anything I was kinda looking at the AA mile up card from Citi but it doesn't have that great of spend categories anyways you guys have any suggestions?

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Ex: 676 tu: 700 eq: 701
Aaoa is only 6months
Discover it cash back: $4500
Capital one secured card: $599
Citi double cash: $1000
Fingerhut account: $800
Google store card : $1500
Amazon prime store card: $800
Citi AA Mile Up:$2200
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Re: Travel cards questions.

I don't think no-AF airline cards are particularly worthwhile. You get the downside of inflexible rewards and a smallish bonus without a good earning rate or any decent perks to make the inflexibility worthwhile.


Better to get something with a ~$100 AF (possibly waived the first year) and a decent bonus (worth $500+). You can always downgrade or close the account if you don't find the AF worthwhile after a year or two. Also, some of the AF cards can bring retention offers to negate the AF.

Most spend: CSR, CFU, BBP
Rewards/AAoA ballast: CF, Discover, Costco, ED, Arrival, Double Cash
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Bonus chasing / retention games: Savor, BCP
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Re: Travel cards questions.

Get a Wells fargo propel for yourself and get a wells fargo visa signature for whoever you trust.


Wide range of categories for up to ~5% earning. No AF.

Ⳏroſilē oſ ᥠ chԑap, ſrēqⴑēnt ſlyԑr ✈⛽⛾ ⳎroⳎel ✈⛾ ८s ⛾⬮ ᦑold ☎ Ⲙileⴑp ┊ iէ ⛽ ८∰
⛪ ▲G ┊ q§ ┊८ſu ┊ ↇᏨ ┊ ēD ⛎ ᐰmzn √/ᐰ ┊ wſ -√ ⛪ Ɲĕхт: ➕ citiⳎrēm ┊ βoſᥠ ८R
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