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Travelocity Amex - Approved!!!!

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Travelocity Amex - Approved!!!!

Just called the backdoor Barclays number after I got a 7-10 day notice when I applied online last night.


Was approved for $5000 with  high util on 4 cards out of 12.  Just explained my debt and also it helped that had a Juniper MC with Barclays with a 0 balance and never late for the 3 years I had the card.


You all were right about calling the backdoor number for recon.  I am so happy right now.  No more credit... It is time to garden for about 1.5 years so that I can finally get an Amex which will backdate from my old card days in 1984.


Thanks again for all your posts.

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Re: Travelocity Amex - Approved!!!!

Congrats on your approval.  I also was approved back in December 2010 for the Travelocity Amex.  I also have a Juni Visa, and got the 10 day message. They called 2 days later to verify i applied for the Amex, and after a couple of questions,  approved me for 8k.  I'm waiting for my auto cli at 6 mos, or i'll call and request to 15k.  I've had my Juni Visa since 2009, and am already at 10.5k.  I took the 39$AF with 7500 bonus sign up points, with double points on grocery category.


Congrats on your approval, and enjoy your new Amex

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Re: Travelocity Amex - Approved!!!!

congrats on the new card!

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