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Trimming my card profile

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Trimming my card profile

Thanks to this site and valuable information, I have increased my score and decreased my debt.   I was considering closing a few cards that I don’t utilize.  I’ve seen this question posted before. Here is my profile.

Cards to keep

Navy Fed Platinum 10k

Navy Fed Cash Rewards 20k

Citibank Preferred 10k

Discover it 9.5k

Penfed Powercash 10k

USAA 101st military 2k


Cards to cancel 

Capital one 1.5k

Bofa rewards 800

USAA rate advantage 500


BofA I’ve had for 5 years. Might think about keeping.  I eventually want a Chase and Amex card to round out my profile.  Fico is the upper 600s. Not sure if I want over 10 credit cards. 8 would be perfect. Also don’t know if canceling would affect my score.  Any opinions would be appreciated. 



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Re: Trimming my card profile

AAOA will not be affected if you close them as the card/s will report for 10 more years after closure. Have you tried the luv button from cap 1? BOA is a HP. Can you move the credit line from USAA advantage to 101st THEN close it?
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Re: Trimming my card profile

Good job pruning cards!  Of the ones you plan to keep, I would focus on the ones with the rewards:  NFCU cashRewards, Discover IT, and PenFed Power Cash Rewards.  These are the three that you want to develop into $20,000 credit limits.  The NFCU Platinum, the Citi Diamond Preferred, and the USAA 101st are decent cards, but not in the top rank.  You may be pruning them a year from now.

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Re: Trimming my card profile

USAA said I could not transfer the rate advantage account to the 101st military card.  I’m gardening for 6 months and then attempt to grab the USAA Amex cash rewards with 5% cash back on gas purchases.  I would then cancel both the Rate advangtage and 101st card. I also want to PC my Citibank preferred to the AA advantage.  The NFCU platinum I would keep only for balance transfers as it tends to have a lower interest rate. 

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Re: Trimming my card profile

If you PC the Citi card to American Airlines, you do not earn a sign up bonus. Those bonus miles are worth a lot of money.
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