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Triple Success

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Triple Success

In April of 2012 I applied for Discover, was declined. applied for Capital one cash rewards was given platinum instead, 300 limit . Did all my research payed then disputed all of my collections. All were removed. Score went to 725 from 645 made payments and played the 15 utilization rule. Cap One raised limit to 500. Even thought they made a error in settling up my account. What was the error assuming I made 5k/yr. Got that correct still no avail in getting CL increase, common issue of this forum. Then in Dec. after 7 offers from Discover and Amex. I made the call Discover and amex: instant approval 2.5k each. Delta Amex and Regular Discover per promo. Then a day later call Citi and got their Forward card 6500 limit my credit bounced up to 737 for all 3. Amex and discover have not reported yet. Free Credit score says it might go as High as 747. 


With all this success Capital One is refusing to help "We are a conservative lending Company" Called back door # this is what they said. They apologized for making the errors and admitted the card selection was due income not score. Keep in mind I had to fax them my W2. Personally if I made a mistake I would certainly fix this issue but they won't. They only way I can get a better card from them is to re apply. Which mean more inquries. 


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Re: Triple Success

WTG!!! Congrats on the cards you did get and on the raised credit score. 

Keep trying with Cap 1. It sucks to get a hard pull with a denial ... From an error. You know if you can get a AmEx and a Discover, you can get a cap 1!Smiley Very Happy


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