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Trying for AMEX

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Re: Trying for AMEX

nvrgvupnvrsrndr wrote:
Chase and Wells Fargo are my auto loans. I've never applied for CC's with them.

I know, but still prime banks.


When is the last time you applied for an Amex Charge?  I mean you are over 700 on EX?? That is WAY higher then we see every day people getting approved... you don't seem to have a problem applying or asking for CLI considering where your cards are now... why won't you pull trigger on Amex? (not being harsh, im having my therapy, YOU DESERVE IT MOMENT!!) Smiley Happy


I'll cry more than you if I push and you get denied... but based on what you have told, I'm confident in an approval.

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Re: Trying for AMEX

Really appreciate it. Actually, to be perfectly honest, all CLI's I spoke of in my original post were not solicited. When I went to make my monthly payments they were just there. 2 increases from Kohl's, 4 from SmartConnect, 1 from CreditOne, 1 from Walmart, 1 from CapOne.
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Re: Trying for AMEX

Creditaddict wrote:

APPLY NOW... If you want and can afford the Platinum, apply for that... you should have instant APPROVAL!

I agree, go for it!!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Trying for AMEX

Look at thread "American Express Experience"


This poster was instant for Gold, then read about all things here and really just wanted Platinum and went back and got approved for that with the bonus points too.

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Re: Trying for AMEX

You said you have a paid baddie on 03/13?

Your score looks good,
But idk how much score will factor in if you have a pif baddie that recently...

But by all means, try your luck :-)
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Re: Trying for AMEX

I can tell you i got approved for a charge and BCP with a EX score under 700. I had 2 paid collections that were under 2 years old and 2 old Chargeoffs from 2007. My charge approval was instant and the revolver took about 2 minutes after i got the 7-10 day message. Good luck and keep us updated!

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Re: Trying for AMEX

The "baddie" was from close to two years ago but I paid it off as of 3/13. Not sure how that factors into the equation. Any insight?
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Re: Trying for AMEX

You can bet I'll post the outcome when I pull the trigger in a few days. Just waiting to make sure my most recent payments are all posted to get my CU at my goal of 8%. Patiently biding my...deferred gratification...hopefully as rewards card well earned.
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Re: Trying for AMEX

the score and income are there the only thing i would worry about is OP says alot of the accounts are within the last 6 months

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