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Two credit cards to pay off

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Two credit cards to pay off

Hello everyone,


As stated in the title, I have two cards to pay off: BAC and JPM cards; both are near their limits. I owe ~$1000 on the BAC Platinum Plus card and ~$650 on the Chase Freedom one. I really want to eliminate this monthly payment thing that has been troubling me for years and be able to have an available balance for once. I got the Chase Freedom card sometime in May/June of 2011 and I had a score around 700 IIRC. I checked last week and it was down to 639. I've had the BAC card since late 2005/early 2006.


I am a full time student that will be graduating in 6 weeks. Luckily, I recently got hired and I can really start to pay things off. Would it be beneficial to pay one card off at a time or split it into two payments each? Or does that not even matter?



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Re: Two credit cards to pay off

I would pay one at a time.

What else do you have?

Why is your score down to a 639? and is this a TU or EQ Fico from this site?

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Re: Two credit cards to pay off

I would pay off the one with the highest APR (if applicable) first, to save you some money. 

Total CL's combine: $150,600.
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Re: Two credit cards to pay off

I also have a collection from EOS-CCA for an ATT bill. Date opened was 12/2011 and DOLA is 01/2012. It is for $37. I'm looking up how to PFD and all that right now. I'm guessing that is what is really hurting my score. Other than that, maybe student loans? But I don't have to pay for those right now. This is from TU directly.

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