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U.S. Bank says I have 'excellent credit'...

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Re: U.S. Bank says I have 'excellent credit'...

I don't know anything about these caps so I wouldn't know but I always want rewards over no rewards!
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Re: U.S. Bank says I have 'excellent credit'...

... and while on the subject of the cash rewards card (Cash Rewards Platinum Visa, I think it's called? I have the thing in my wallet and still have no idea what its actual name is!), I just found out from an insert in my statement that you can get your 1% cashback level increased to 1.25% or 1.5% if you have a US Bank Gold or Platinum Five Star Checking package. We already have checking accounts with them so I called to see if they could switch me - the guy had to open me a savings account that I'll never use (he absolutely assured me there'd be no inq 'no hard pull, no soft pull... well, no pull at all, in fact!' for any of this) in order to check all the right boxes to avoid having to pay a monthly service charge for the account and qualify for the extra cashback, but it's all sorted now! I'm only going to be getting 1.25% cashback with the 'package' I went for, but that works for me - better than 1%!


Thought I'd give the heads-up to anyone who has that card or is thinking of getting it - here's a link to the info about the Five Star Packages - you get 1.25% cashback on the Cash Rewards Visa with the Gold package, and 1.5% with the Platinum. And if you're in any doubt, as I was, about how to swing it without having to pay any pesky fees, give 'em a call - they're very helpful indeed! Smiley Happy

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