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***UPDATE! Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

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***UPDATE! Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

So long story short, I cancelled my Cap1 Classic MC account last May after piss-poor customer service to avoid an AF, and because it was stuck at $500. After seeing all the success with the executive office, I decided what the hell, let's see if they can reopen my account and make it useful again.


I emailed the office last Thursday and asked if it was possible to reopen my closed account, waive the AF permanently, increase the limit, and maybe get some rewards. I got a call later that night and I missed it, but the guy gave me the number to the executive office (yes, there's an 800 number that takes you directly to the EO) and asked me to call back. So I spoke with him Friday and he said he received my email and he was going to see what he could do and get back to me. Great!


So I receive a call today from him, basically saying he is still working diligently to see if he can get the account reopened and he will call me with updates, etc. I thought it was very professional of him to call me just to ensure I was aware that the was working on it, and providing me updates. He said he sent my request to get "researched" or something and we should know something soon.


Anyway, fast forward to 5 minutes ago...I logged onto my old Cap1 account just for the hell of it and saw that my account is no longer listed as "closed" as it was just days ago! I haven't yet received a call from him but I assume it will likely be tomorrow. The limit is still $500 but he never asked me for income, nor what I wanted as far as an increase; the main ordeal was just whether or not the account could even be opened. Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow and be able to get an increase and maybe even a PC to their Cash Rewards card!


Even if they don't increase it, I'm impressed that they managed to open an account that was closed over 8 months ago. I'll keep it opened regardless of what they do (assuming the AF is waived) as it is my oldest TL. I initially closed the account as a knee-jerk reaction which I later had second thoughts about, so I'm glad that at the very least, it APPEARS as if I will get my oldest TL re-activated.


I will post updates on what happens from here! Wish me luck!!


UPDATE: I just received word that they increased my CL to $3000 and gave me 1% cash back with a 50% annual bonus!! Very, very satisfied!

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

Wow!  That's a great response & action from them.  I dealt with Cap One's Exec Office this past October - they increased my CL from $1300 to $8000 (exactly the amount I asked for).  I've had my card for just about 9 years, so I was going to keep it open regardless, but they just made it an even easier decision.


Good luck on the CLI and PC.  They sure suprised me and I'm betting they will continue to surprise you. 

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

I really think Capital One is making a concerted effort to do right by its cardholders.  I received a generous CLI and I haven't had my card long at all.

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

I sure hope they're trying to get better...because they were AWFUL when I was a customer. By all accounts it appears as if they're serious about improving customer experience. 


I'm going to ask them for $5000 and see where it goes. I had the card for a little over a year before I cancelled...but at least now, even if they don't do much, I have his direct line and will definitely be contacting him if I have any issues in the future. 

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

+ LesWH

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

Wow congrats! It's nice to see CapOne finally changing their horrible ways. Seems like EO is taking action and giving it's customers some rewards for their service.
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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

Wow! Congrats! Did they do a HP?

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

I want to call the Exec Office in about 6-7 more months and ask for a $15,000 limit!!!! Lol I still can't believe I got a cli to $5000 from four years at $1300!!! Ughh!!

Congrats!!! C1 is hit or miss sometimes!
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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

Just a little update... I received a call from the guy I've been speaking with just about hour ago. He confirmed that they were able to reopen my account, and the AF has been taken out of my terms. He asked me about income, what rewards I wanted and what CL I wanted and what was the minimum I would take.

He actually offered the Cash Rewards card reward structure before I even asked. So I don't know if they'd just add the rewards to my current card, or full on PC me to the cash rewards card. As for CL, I said I'd like for it to be $5000 but any less than $2000 and the card would be useless to me. He said he would put in the request and get back to me.

So now we wait! I will post when I hear something.

And to the poster who asked if they did a HP, no they didn't. I didn't consent to one nor did he ask if he could do one.
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Re: Cap1 Executive Office..color me impressed!

What is the 1800 Number or Address / email to the Executive Office? Can you PM Me?

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