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UPromise being sold to Barclays

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UPromise being sold to Barclays

Friend of mine got a letter saying that his UPromise was being sold to Barclays


UPromise currently offered by BOA. Anyone else got this letter?

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Re: UPromise being sold to Barclays

I have a notice in my online banking about this as well.  My card is a partially secured BOA cash rewards.  I'm wondering what will happen with the deposit and if there will be a rewards structure....I just now saw this notice today.  Here is an image of the actual notice I received.


Update:  I just got off the phone with CS and they said that I do not have a Upromise account, that the BOA Cash Rewards is not handled by Upromise and to disregard the notice.


I actually had not heard of Upromise before, so I wasn't sure what that was all about.  He just said that notice was displayed on all Online banking accounts in case some one had a Upromise account.  But he said it would actually say Upromise on the card if it were with them.... Thank God, cos I didn't want to have to jump through any hoops! 




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Re: UPromise being sold to Barclays


Happened a bit ago for the annoucement, guess they're finally getting around to the transition.

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