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US Bank. 2 applications, 1 credit pull?

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US Bank. 2 applications, 1 credit pull?

Hey guys,


So I've read that US Bank will only pull 1 credit report if you app for 2 of their cards within the same day. I'm looking at their new Altitude Reserve card and the business Edge card. I just called in and a rep confirmed it would only be 1 hard pull. But we all know sometimes reps aren't exactly full of knowledge. Smiley LOL


This would really be awesome if it's true. That would mean only 1 Transunion pull for 2 credit cards!


I'm not aware of any "big banks" that use 1 pull for multiple credit products. My only experience is with PenFed Credit Union.


Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm looking to go for it today. Current Transunion score as of today is around 780.




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Re: US Bank. 2 applications, 1 credit pull?

I applied for a CLI and a new card on the same day back in August and they double pulled. However, I have heard a number of members with success stories getting only a single pull from USBank, Amex and Chase. YMMV.

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Re: US Bank. 2 applications, 1 credit pull?

I just made a post on this in the last couple of days. There are more data points on there if you want to search for my posts and read up. I'm in the same boat you are-thinking of aping for the Altitude and if I do might as well go for either a second Card or a CLI on one of my other Cards or lines I have with them.
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