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US Bank Altitude Reserve: inqs

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve: inqs

Fair enough. Reason I asked is because my brother has a mortgage with US Bank and therefore has access to all the products on there so I was wondering if joint accounts work if I could do it that way. I'd fund it myself I just need my brother's permission which I'm sure he'd do for me if I asked. I'll hold off in the meantime unless I get impatient. Please keep me updated if you can.

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve: inqs

Still too early to apply but yesterday I got a call from "my" account mananger, wanting to check how things are going.  And then arranged a date for the next contact.   He says they do this because I am in an area with no US Bank branches.    True, but with my tiny balance is this time well spent?

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve: inqs

@simplynoir wrote:



Is opening a joint checking/savings account with your daughter allowing her the option to apply for the AR? Because if so I have a go around so I don't have to get the Cash+ card after all.



She applied today and got approved so yes, joint account was fine!

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve: inqs

Congrats on your daughter's approval @longtimelurker. Well done and great DPs!

Locking this thread as she has been approved. Feel free to start a new approval thread in the Approvals forum if you would like to do so.
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