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US Bank Auto CLI


US Bank Auto CLI

So I applied for the US Bank Cash + card back in June but wasn't approved for it and got the regular cash rewards card with a $3,000 limit. Fast forward to today when I logged in to my account and I see they gave me an auto CLI of an additional $3,000. Surprised the heck out of me. I recently (last week) had a CLI on my Discover and Amex cards which bumped the limits to 5k Discover and 6k Amex. I guess US Bank didn't like being my lowest limit card and decided they wanted to be competitive. I haven't used this card at all but now that they've raised my limit I will with the hopes that I can PC to the + card soon. Just wanted to share.
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Re: US Bank Auto CLI

Congratulations!!  I'm sure you'll have no trouble pc'ing to the Cash+ in the near future.


I had no idea that US Bank would give auto-CLIs.  Thanks for sharing - you give the rest of us hope for the future. Smiley Happy


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