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US Bank Bill Pay Offer

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US Bank Bill Pay Offer

This month I received an email from US Bank with an offer of earning $5 per month just for paying 5 of my bills using their Bill Pay feature.  I have never used Bill Pay as I'm in the habit of just logging in to my various credit card accounts to make my payment via their site and they then pull the funds from my checking account.  I like the fact that it is pretty quick - most payments are posted the same day I make them online and the funds almost always come out of my checking account the next business day.


If I use this Bill Pay feature, how long does it typically take for US Bank to make the payment to a creditor?  Do they mail a paper check? (I've heard that some banks do this.)  Or do they make the payment electronically?  Anyone have any experience with US Bank's bill pay feature?


I wouldn't mind earning an extra $25 ($5 per month, Aug - Dec) just paying my bills, as long as there isn't a great delay in the payments being posted to my accounts.


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Re: US Bank Bill Pay Offer

I don't have checking with them, but with my other banks:  If they can connect electronically (which is true for most CC payments I have found) it seems to pay by the next business day.  For payments where there isn't an electronic payment, they do indeed send a paper check, and this can take much longer.  But they pay the postage, so it's good for payments that aren't time critical.

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Re: US Bank Bill Pay Offer

I bank with Citibank and they do the same thing. When I enter the payee information, it tells me whether the payment can be sent electronically or needs a paper check. For the electronic payments, the payment should post next day. With checks, it takes awhile, just as if you had sent it.

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