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US Bank Cash+

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US Bank Cash+

The more I use this card the more I love it.  For the second month in a row I have earned over a $100 in rewards.  I just transferred it into my savings account.  In addition, I will be receiving another bonus $25 rewards card in  the mail.  I can't praise this bank enough.  I have been with them for over 20 yrs.  I do 99% of my business with them.  Just wanted to pass this info along to you all.

TU 839 11/11/17
EX 833 11/11/17
EQ 837 11/12/17
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Re: US Bank Cash+

Very nice rewards, that's great, Congrats!

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Re: US Bank Cash+

Agreed - this is just a great card to have! So far, we have earned $275 in rewards and we wait until we have $100 to get the $25 gift card.


Just excellent!


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Re: US Bank Cash+



Ohh so they send a 25$ bonus in a card.  Though it was a statement credit, but card will work too.



Is the bonus card like a visa/mc card?

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Re: US Bank Cash+

only if they had some specials available right now for signup/spendrange, id app in a heartbeat

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