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US Bank PC Select Rewards

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US Bank PC Select Rewards

I was talking to my DM about her credit card.  From what she's telling me her card is several decades old (I haven't confirmed this DP yet).  It is a US Bank Select Rewards (I don't see that card as a current offering) and is a flat 1% back.


Can anyone tell me if she can PC a Select Rewards to a Cash+?  Her current CL is $5k.  If it's possible to PC the card, does it matter which card you have with US Bank as to waiving the fee on their checking account?



TCL: $102,400

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Re: US Bank PC Select Rewards

I have 4 US Bank cards (long story).  One was a FlexPerks Amex which was useless.  I called and was given a choice to covert to Go, Cash + or Connect.  Took 5 minutes. 

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