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US Bank Secured card CL increase

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US Bank Secured card CL increase

Hello Scholars,


I have a question...........


If I would like to increase my US Bank secured card CL, do they do a hard pull on CR?  Was wondering this because there is no way to do it online and no

information on their site regarding this..



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Re: US Bank Secured card CL increase

I've recently done this and verified with the underwriting dept. You need to send them a letter stating you want to increase your limit and include income amount, housing expenses and the amount you want to increase it along with a cashier's check or money order only. They need to receive the letter on or after your account has been opened for at least 6 months. I called 3 times and everyone confirmed no HP.
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Re: US Bank Secured card CL increase

I did the same thing recently to my secured US Bank card. When I inquired, here is the email I received.  I can confirm they do a HP even when you send in a cashiers check for the increase.   


Good morning and thank you for contacting U.S. Bancorp Service Center, Inc. via our Website. 

We understand that you would like instructions on how to increase the credit limit on your account. Please send us a cashier's check or money order for your desired increase amount. You may request the increase in $100.00 increments, up to a maximum credit limit of $5,000.00. Also, please include the following in your request: your name, account number, address, individual annual income, your monthly housing payment, whether you own or rent your home, signature, and the dollar amount of the requested increase. Additionally, we will pull a copy of your credit bureau report. Please be aware that your account must be in good standing and open for six months before a credit limit increase can be processed. 

Please mail your request to the following address: 
Cardmember Service 
Secured Processing 
P.O. Box 6363 
Fargo, ND 58125-6363  



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Re: US Bank Secured card CL increase

I just don't understand this HP to increase a secured card. Totally doesn't make sense. 

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