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US Bank balance transfer and usage

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US Bank balance transfer and usage

I just received a 0% for 15 months on BTs and purchases from USBank. I used the card to transfer $1400 from another card.  After everything settles the USBank card will be my only carried balance. The card has a $3k limit, so I went over 30%, but I hope to have it paid down to under $900 before they report. Not quite AZEO, but maybe AZEO light?


I have 2 questions regarding US Bank.

1) How long should I expect the BT to take place.  The card (Discover, my daily driver) I paid off does not have a payment due as I have been paying once a week. However, they cut/report at the end of the month, and I am curious if I can expect the BT to be reflected on next report.


2) I have been very happy with DISCO and plan to use it as a DD. Will USBank hold being sock drawered against me? I have 15 months, so I figured I would make 11 payments of $120 and zero out on the 12th pmt.


Really appreciate the feedback!


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Re: US Bank balance transfer and usage

1) US Bank says up to two weeks. 


2) A lot of people use cards with an intro BT offer like this. 


Also as for the card limit, $1400/$3600 = ~46.7% which means you are over 28.9% but under 48.9%. If your purpose of the BT is to save money, I wouldn’t worry about paying it down early. 

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