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US Bank "pre-qualified" vs. "pre-selected"

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Re: US Bank "pre-qualified" vs. "pre-selected"

illtakecreditforthat wrote:

Today, received a "pre-selected" letter from them.  The second letter mentions my status as an "excellent banking customer".

DH also received the "PRE-SELECTED" letter.  Small print at the bottom indicates "You have been pre-selected based on your account relationship with U.S. Bank."


We've had joint checking & savings along with overdraft with them for 7 years (and automatic deposit).  For awhile last year, we were getting regular phone calls inviting us to apply to credit products.


There have never been softs on either of our reports - I doubt that our FICO reports would qualify for their products - so we are waiting til next year before we app with them.  Their cards are high on our "wanna-have" list.


(Just read the fine print on the back: Your exact credit limit will be determined by the income reported on your Acceptance Certificate.  We may, however, obtain information from credit bureaus to determine the exact amount of credit that you are qualified to receive.  We may also obtain credit reports from time to time to determine your continued eligibility for credit.) So it appears that they haven't pulled credit, and filling out the app may or may not trigger a pull.



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