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US Bank reported mid-statement after large purchase

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Re: US Bank reported mid-statement after large purchase

noobody wrote:

it has nothing to do with "large" purchase


nothing to do with due date or statement closing date either


they report account status on last bussiness day of each month, it is different than most other banks


if you want them to report low balance, pay off before end of month, regardless when the statement close.

I didn't make the purchase until May 4th. And they've always reported at the close of the statement for me, not at the end of the month.


But like I said, I'm not terribly concerned about this. My util can handle it. 


I'm just posting this so people are aware the US Bank appears to be doing some irregular reporting, at least for me. I'd never seen others report that US Bank is doing this, but it seems I'm wrong.

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Re: US Bank reported mid-statement after large purchase

They always report my balance right around the 3rd or 4th. Which is when my bill is due.

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Re: US Bank reported mid-statement after large purchase

my bill is due on the 19th.

US Bank reported my balance on April 30th 2013. This might be due to the fact it's a brand new account though.


I'll check again to see if it reports on or around due date.


Creditkarma now has a neat feature. It now tells you when was your credit card balance last updated.

The last updated date is the date your balances were reported to CRAs.


Finally.........something I like about the new layout.


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