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US Bank secured card... Very Very Angry!

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US Bank secured card... Very Very Angry!

In 1998 I figured out someone had taken over my Social Securty number. Bought a house and more...


Fast forward to 2011 and I was still struggling to reclaim my identity. I finally applied for a US Bank Secured card and was told to only put $300 down. "you can ad money at anytime" (NOT true) But I also get a Capital One Secured Card a month later and keep adding money to my deposit until it grows up to $1500.00. I know a Venture One Card.


US Bank still wont let me add money. Told me I needed to submit a request to have it converted and now I have a hard pull and an unsecured credit limit of $300.00. They me it is the same account and will not show up as two separate accounts on my credit reports with my oldest trade line being closed. I think they are wrong and I really think it's time I close all my accounts with them and move everything over to USAA. My USAA scores are EXP 718 EQ 693 and my Walmart Fico is 689  And I just refinanced my car through USAA at 4.49%

CAP1 Venture $3k & No Hassel $750 / Discover More 2.5k / AMEX ZYNC NPSL & Delta 2k / FirstTech CU Visa 2k / USAA AMEX 1k / Sam's 2.2k / Amazon 1.9k / Walmart $800 /
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Re: US Bank secured card... Very Very Angry!

Your new US Bank account will show up on your credit report as having the same open date as yoold old secured one. They will also refund you a prorated amount of your annual fee.


I too had my secured card converted to an unsecured card but I hear that they give decent clis.

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