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USA Fed VISA Approval

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USA Fed VISA Approval

Just got the good news and received an approval for 10K from USA Fed!


I asked for 20K but the loan officer counter-offered with 10K.


I'll certainly take 10K. Smiley Happy


Funny thing is, they said I didn't get 20K because of "escalating" debt. Huh? My utilization is 14% at the time of approval. Not sure what they mean by that?



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Re: USA Fed VISA Approval

Congrats. You wouldve probably got near that 20K if you waited for the NFCU merger and applied with NFCU directly.

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Re: USA Fed VISA Approval

The term 'Escalating debt' is similar to 'Pyramiding', IIRC.


Congrats on the approval.

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