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USAA = 0; Navy Federal Credit Union = 1 (happy customer).

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Re: USAA = 0; Navy Federal Credit Union = 1 (happy customer).

USAA did the same to me...had a few things on my list of offers, denied me a CC and offered me a secured card instead. Multiple times.


Now I am one that thinks these are a ripoff waste of money. I am not going to pay interest and fees to use my own money. To me it is a debit card that charges me to use it, and reports you for the expense. I had plenty of unsecured credit that reported and did not need them. Even the worst credit on the planet can probably qualify for the 300 C1 unsecured...I think it used to be Orchard.


Not pleased with NFCU as I am the only one they won't increase, though my ute is quite high. They last approved me when my ute was much higher, though, and my income was one third what it is today. That was pre 2008 crash though. However I would pick them over USAA any day.


Shopping for insurance (USAA is still comparable to everyone I looked at so far)  but may switch all other accounts (small savings/checking, IRA) but the minimum in savings to NFCU.

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Re: USAA = 0; Navy Federal Credit Union = 1 (happy customer).

I was denied for a CL increase on one of my CCs from USAA. I had never checked or known my own credit scores until I got the denial letter from USAA. My score was over 800 (EQ) at that time! On the same day, right after they denied me for the CL increase, I applied for NFCU's cashRewards card and was approved instantly with the lowest rate possible. By the way, I got the Visa Sig version.

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Re: USAA = 0; Navy Federal Credit Union = 1 (happy customer).

webhopper wrote:

I have had an excellent experience with NFCU...


and a not so excellent experience with USAA...


IMHO, NFCU is easier to work with, and they can usually give you what you need over the phone.  I have moved all of my banking over to them Smiley Very Happy Happily


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