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USAA Approval for Credit Card and Personal loan!!!

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USAA Approval for Credit Card and Personal loan!!!

I just was approved with USAA for a $2000 Master card and a $5,000 personal loan!!! I'm so excited right now! I have checking, savings, Auto and renters insurance with them now. I defiantly love doing business with them. Just a little background on where my EQ report was when I applied. I had a discharged CH7 BK in 2002, a Charged off Orchard bank card from 2005. Those were my only baddies. My EQ score was 673 and my overall UTI was at 48% And 3 years AAoA. The personal loan will pay off a little of that CC debt )About $2000) and get my UTI well under 9% so I'm wondering what kind of scores I can expect to see once I'm under 9% UTI. I'm going to be looking for a car loan towards the end of next month... 

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Re: USAA Approval for Credit Card and Personal loan!!!



I always like calling USAA.  Don't know whether they train their people to be nice or whether the hire for it, but they're great to talk to.  ("I'm sorry sir, but we can't hire you.  You're just not nice enough!")


One of my biggest regrets from when I was younger and dumber was letting my USAA credit card get out of hand.  They canceled the card and it took me years to pay it off.  If I'd just been a little smarter I could have managed the payments better and kept the card.  One of these days I'm going to get another one with them.


You might be able to call them up and discuss your upcoming loan without generating a hard pull.  I've done that with them before.  If you know your score, they might be able to talk interest rates.  Of course, they can't guarantee it without a hard pull, but they'd probably be willing to talk with you.



04/2010 EQ 656 TU 648
05/2010 EQ 669 TU 664
06/2010 EQ 674 TU 678
07/2010 EQ 666 TU 667
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