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USAA Backdoor Numbers


USAA Backdoor Numbers

Does anyone know what the backdoor number is for USAA.  I am already a member and I am going to apply for the cards on Monday.  I am also going to refinance my truck with them.  Just want the number incase things dont go the way I hope.  Also thanks to you all for the great advice.  I am now addicted to the forum.
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Re: USAA Backdoor Numbers

Hi bmiracle and welcome !


This forum can get addicting in a sense but if you use the info positively and have patience there is almost no way the results won't some improvement.


To my knowledge there is no backdoor number circulating for USAA. 


Your chances for approval are going to be based on an EQ score only with the high 600's being the consensus as the minimum.


USAA , through dicussions here, also seems to take into account how many products you use with them, i.e insurance,checking,savings,CD, as well as length of time as a member.


They will give instant approval online at times but if you don't recieve one don't be discouraged it's not an outright denial.


There CSR's are some of the best and they will gladly transfer you to the supervisor instead of a backdoor.


Unless someone else here knows of a backdoor but I have never seen one posted.


Good luck and remember , you've already been approved in a sense as a member so the battle is half over,


Then you are a fool. Be thankful that when God gave you a face, he gave you a fool's face
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Re: USAA Backdoor Numbers

Thanks jaxstraw for your reply.  I have only been with them 30 days and other than one guy who may have been new, I have never been treated nicer by CSR's ever.  In fact it was that service that made me move my auto, home insurance, checking and savings (ofcourse the fact that they beat everyone on price helped).  And yes even a CSR said the more products you have with them the easier it is to get what you want  Thats why I want to get my truck loan over there also.  My score is going to be in the mid to upper 600's (pulling scores on Monday before I call,  I paid my capitol one card off and waiting for it to report).  Anyway thanks again to everryone for the sound advice you can get on here.
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