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Re: USAA Card

There is really no definitive answer.  It really depends on your overall credit file which includes any recent inquiries, recently established accounts, AAoA, utilization, etc.  Some folks can see a bump in a few months, others can take anywhere from 6 months or longer... it really varies.   If you recently gained some new accounts, the best suggested strategy is to let those age with positive history (6-12 months on average).

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Re: USAA Card

rtw wrote:
@Dave, I think it depends on your membership status. Full members can probably get approved for their cards with a sub-700 score but I think it is a bit harder for partial members.

Ok, didn't know that.  I am a full member.  I don't remember my EQ score at time of application, but i think it was 680 when I was approved late 2011.

EX:694 TU:744 EQ:777
Amex ED $19.5k - BoA Travel Rewards $15k - CSP $5k - SDFCU EMV $15k - NFCU goRewards $20k - Barclays Arrival $6.5k
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Re: USAA Card

I was approved last month with a 632 as a full member. Like another poster mentioned, having a thick file may help if you have a sub-700 score such as myself. YMMV...

2010: 475 EQ 2011: 503 EQ 2012: 600 EQ2013:632 EQ
Starting Score: 634 EQ-3/13/13
Current Score: 706 EQ-8/29/13 703 EX-7/12/13 705 TU-8/9/13
Goal Score: 700

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Re: USAA Card

Pull EQ approved at 676 fico score 6 months ago partial member......4k back there I only have 500 cl and the have me 9x my highest one.

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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Re: USAA Card

Pulled EQ for me as well...
TU FICO: 772 (Discover) • Exp FICO: 772 (Citi)

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Re: USAA Card

They pulled EQ for me and I believe my score was somewhere in high 6's.  I wasn't a member but my report was clean.  I got both MC & Amex then signed up for checking & savings.  Love them.  (Strange that their credit monitoring is through EX but they pull EQ.)

FICO: EQ 768 | TU 813 | EX 781

Amex BCE $25000, SFFCU Visa $15000 + LOC $5000, USAA Amex $6000, USAA MC $7000, Cap1 $8000, Freedom $12000, Slate $500, Barclays "RIP" SM $11500, USBank Cash+ $7500, Citi Diamond $7900, Citi Double Cash $3700, Care Credit $13500k.
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Re: USAA Card

I got approved 2 days agofor 1k with credit score 607 and it is HP for me .  Good Luck! Woman Happy

Starting Score: 592 Current Score: 632
Goal Score: 750

NFCU#7,500 NFL#900 AMZ STORE CARD#1,200 VICTORIAS#500 AMZ CHASE#400 DISCOVER#1500 CAP1#500 BML PAYPAL#500 BML HP#2,000 USAA CLASS PLAT MC#1,000 EXP#250 HSN#500 JCrew#250
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Re: USAA Card



What card did you get approved for?  Also, if you don't mind me asking, what does your credit file look like?  Any lates, or collections?  I'm sitting at 618 right now.  I am a full member and was considering applying for the USAA AMEX Rewards.  I'm just waiting for a collection to get pulled off my account.  I got the letter from the CA but of course they claim it can take up to 30 days for it to come off.  I am hoping to see a few points jump once it comes off.

Starting Score: EQ: 551 TU: 529
Current Score: EQ: 634 TU:618
Goal Score: EQ: 770 TU:770

Wallet: Cap One Plat $500; USAA Secure MC $800 / Goal Cards: Chase Freedom, USAA Rewards AMEX
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Re: USAA Card

Pulled EQ for me in Texas. Approved for 6K.

Capital One Venture- $30,000, CSP- $29,500, PenFed Promise Visa- $26,000, NASA Federal Credit Union Platinum Visa- $25,000, NASA Federal Credit Union PLOC- $25,000, Amex BCE- 23,500, Merrill +- $23,000, Western Federal Credit Union PLOC- $20,000, OCCU Platinum Visa- $20,000, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit UnionPlatinum Visa- $20,000, Security Service Federal Credit Union PLOC- $20,000, Security Service Federal Credit Union MasterCard- $15,000, Allied Credit Union Visa- $15,0000, BBVA NBA Amex $15,000, Houston Police Federal Credit Union Platinum Visa- $15,000, Amex PRG NPSL, Discover IT- $14,300, DCU Platinum Visa- $10,000, Smart Financial CU Platinum MC- $10,000, Citi Hilton Honors Visa- $7500, USAA Platinum Visa- $7000, GEMB/Dillard's-$7500.00, GEMB/JCP-$10,000
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Re: USAA Card

If you got a deletion letter from CA fax it to CRA and give it a day and call and ask to speak to supervisor and they will take off. She called CA on 3 way to confirm and then deleted right then. TU and EX was gone the next day.

I got the USAA Platinum Visa 3000.00 limit. Score was 674 with a paid CO from 2010 and that is only baddie. Hope that helps.
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