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USAA and Chase

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Re: USAA and Chase

I've seen a lot of people getting approved for the Freedom with lower scores, which got me excited. But I think I'll wait and concentrate onpaying off my card in DMP and untily score gets closer to 700. 


Should I try to get a CLI from orchard or not even bother? I

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Re: USAA and Chase

I was approved for USAA with my score at 681.(they disclose it in the approval process) I fell out of my chair but I don't think they go much lower than that with approvals even with substantial income.  I would definitely work on getting close to the 680-690 range before I app with anyone if you want a prime card. This has been my experience! I wish you the best of luck Smiley Wink

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
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Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
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Re: USAA and Chase

Chase, I would not even think about


USAA - it's a possibility, but I would wait. Get your scorres a little higher, paye ervythng on time for a few more months.


I was approved for 1500 Visa in March with MyFICO EQ  641. NO negatives on my EQ report except very high utilization - over 70% -  and  a paid judgement from two years earlier.


at the the time of my approval:

I was AU on two cards of my wife through USAA

I had direct deposit of my payroll to USAA

I had a small savings account with USAA

I had spotless payment history for the previous year and a half on all 19 of my tradlines that had been opened in the last 2 years (including a car loan and lease).


Still spotless payment history and plan to keep it that way.

Utilization now down below 40%




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Goal Score: 700+

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Re: USAA and Chase

bichonmom wrote:

USAA is a more conservative lender. And they offer better CCs, terms, rewards, etc. to full members than partial ones. I wouldn't waste my time with them until your credit is really good, if you really want an USAA card.


I don't think Chase would approve you. They are a prime lender and may balk at your DMP, plus your FICO is pretty low. Your OP says that you have other CCs. What are they? Maybe you can just CLI what you have now. Otherwise, you may need to let them age a bit so your FICO improves before apping for prime CCs.


Maybe when your DMP is done in Jan, your scores will jump.



How so?  Do you Care to explain?  I am a 20+ year FULL member with usaa, and they offer NO difference in what they offer FULL members than non/partial members.


What has been your experience?




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Re: USAA and Chase

You can search this forum for "usaa partial member" or "limited member" and see an extensive list, but off the top of my head: you cannot get the rate advantage credit card as a partial member. You cannot get secured products as a partial member. I have personally confirmed that only full members are eligible for the lowest interest rate bracket on both their personal loans and their credit cards. 

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Re: USAA and Chase

If you have a BofA card in a DMP program, do not apply for any new credit.  They will terminate you from the program.  That happened to me.  If the BofA card is PIF, then feel free to apply for anything that your current FICO score and CR would approve.  Being in a DMP has had zero effect on my ability to obtain credit at the best rates for my score and credit report.  LOL even BofA will eventually send you a pre-approval offer one of their cards.

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Re: USAA and Chase

+1 marty56, Until that Bofa is PIF through the DMP, you are risking the account being removed from DMP & all bets are off - original terms and penalties can be added back in. They have some of the strictest policies and guidelines to even allow a cardholder to enroll the account into a DMP.

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Re: USAA and Chase

Join USAA Asap.....They approved me with 4k limit compare to other toys limit i have. ......They very good with customer.......but you should wait a lil bit till your score hit around 665 to 690 then apps for some cards you want in the same day. Defi USAA first.

Good luck

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