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USAA chances?

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Re: USAA chances?

p- wrote:

2FixMyCredit wrote:



Good. Yes? I think most have vacated this thread which is probably a good thing LOL

Lol...  That was quick on the siggy card.  I knew anyone that would stick around after a flaming like that would be fun.  Ah, internet, you never stop amusing me.



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Re: USAA chances?

Maybe I missed it, but what's the credit limit on OP's BankAmericard? Annual fee? Non-promotional APR?
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Re: USAA chances?

She said no AF, 0% APR but I don't think she mentioned the limit.
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Re: USAA chances?

But that 0% will not last forever, once the introductory period is over, I wonder what the APR is. And the CL,
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Re: USAA chances?

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Re: USAA chances?

09Lexie wrote:
Yep, I know I just didn't want to poke the bear. you got me shaking my head.. Smiley Happy

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Re: USAA chances?

Re: USAA chances? [ New ]
‎03-08-2013 04:01 PM

Johnny_Favorite wrote:
2FixMyCredit wrote:
Moronic post of the year award goes to....

Fingerhut is reporting, I didn't say I was using it. Did I?

Also, I'm a she. No a he, or a dude.
Fingerhut will most likely give you a low limit which will not grow unless you use it. So if you're just using it for the sake of "having it" then it's not doing you much good. People here are trying to help you but in the true nature of people that "know everything" you think you know better than those who have been there, done that. So you're going to take 2 or 3 years to build what you could do in 6 months to a year. I wish you luck in your rebuild but I must now leave you in the dust with the rest of the people who got left behind. You will find my bread crumbs of delicious meals eaten and good credit established along your harsh and bitter extended journey. You can cook those crumbs in your $120 Fingerhut pan with the coating the rubs off.
Pathetic human being. You act as though I'm a peasant you're a king. Get over yourself, why are you so offended because I don't agree with you?

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Most people would tell you not to take it personal but I'm going to suggest otherwise. This Jerk seems to have some sort of little man complex about himself where belittling others somehow makes him feel like more of a man than what he actually is. People come on these forums for one of two reasons. (1)get help (2)offer help, ol Johnny boy,he fits in neither of these categories, his mission is to try to embarrass and humiliate any down on there luck person he runs across and in the process makes himself look like a total ass.
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Re: USAA chances?

You need no help humiliating yourself sweetie. Now run along and do your little "Battle for your Trailer" with your Dual Shot Capital One six shooters.

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Re: USAA chances?

thread is locked and under mod review.LIGHTNIN, myFICO moderator


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