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USAA dropped CC rate

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USAA dropped CC rate

Yay, so here's a happy story:


I got a letter in the mail from USAA dropping the rate of one of my cards from 9.9% to 8.9% - I believe they raised it two years ago after the credit crisis so they are bringing it back to where I was originally but still - good customer service from them!


My other card is at 7.75% but at least they are a bit closer now.  And of course, since I don't carry a balance, it's a moot point but it makes me feel good.


So hopefully some of you may also see this, or be able to use it to request a rate decrease if you need one.  My rate is now variable so be aware (prime + 5.65%) - I don't know if it was fixed before though so maybe they are just adjusting it with prime.



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Re: USAA dropped CC rate

My rate was dropped to 9.9% on the secured card a few days ago.  It was originally stratospheric.

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Re: USAA dropped CC rate

Same thing happened to me.  Got the letter that starting in April my USAA World MC will drop from 16.9% to 13.9%.  Still not as low as my USAA Amex, but still, 3% is 3%, even if you never carry a balance (which I don't; haven't paid intereste on a CC in over 7 years).


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