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USAA lets me down (again)

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Re: USAA lets me down (again)

Sorry for the hassle and how frustrated you must feel. I'm glad I got rid of them years ago. Cust Serv was excellent but when it went bad- it did fast.
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Re: USAA lets me down (again)

That is ridiculous but then again does not surprise me. They would be ticked off too if it was them stranded in a foreign place without funds. My husband and I had insurance with them for years and no problem. Our 6 month plan was up and they wanted us to reinstate it but pay 1,000 dollars up front for insurance with them. Even though we had it with them for years already. I told them no they were nuts!! Went to Nationwide and pay not even half of what one payment was for them and get the same benefits. Crazy!

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Re: USAA lets me down (again)

unc0mm0n1 wrote:

That was why I canceled my cards with them. They don't graduate the cards no matter how long you have them. Plus, I had a six year relationship with them banking, insurance, investment and I have to burn a HP for a 500 CLI when I'm getting much bigger CL from Chase, Amex and NFCU with no relationship.  

I see that you live in MA also.

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