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USAA 'made' me app....approved for $20,000 each x 2 (MC & AMEX)

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Re: USAA 'made' me app....approved for $20,000 each x 2 (MC & AMEX)

hey txjohn,


When you go to the credit card section, does it list all of their cards for you?  Everytime I go there, it only lists the mastercard for OCS students and the Amex - I called USAA twice on this and they cant figure out why, however, Im guessing its an issue on how they coded me at first application.  I say this only because they still have me listed as a Lt in the marine corp and have not been that rank for oh, 7 years? Everytime i app for something, i have to call in and I know a CSR would not be as slap-happy as the site on giving 40k of credit in one call... lol



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Re: USAA 'made' me app....approved for $20,000 each x 2 (MC & AMEX)

When I look at CC's available, I saw only World MasterCard and AMEX.


If you call in you should be able to get a CSR to update your military status.  I did yesterday.



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Re: USAA 'made' me app....approved for $20,000 each x 2 (MC & AMEX)

Gosh txj, I only hope you can recover from these new (and may I say fabulous) sources of credit that will only brighten an already well-lit credit picture.



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Re: USAA 'made' me app....approved for $20,000

txjohn wrote:

DI wrote:
OMG! I wish banks were that generous.  Do you think your income is what contributed to the high limits?  Have you already had other cards with higher limits?
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I have to assume that income has a significant play in this.  If I only made $30-40k per year, I doubt they would have started with those CL's....but I really don't have any experience here.


I have a $25,000 NFCU CL Visa, $20,000 with PSECU and $15,000 NFCU Navcheck.  So far NFCU and USAA have been the most generous overall with $40k in revolving credit each.


Other than that my highest other CL's are all $10,000.....well actually I have $15k Juni Biz and $25k BoA Biz, but they don't personally report.


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Do you worry about being able to keep all of them active? (I mean that in a sincere way, not a snarky way!) I know my household income is a lot lower than many people's on these forums, but I can't fathom running that much through a card every month and PIF'ing. Have you had good success with using only a small portion of the limits? 


Also, I believe you may have now entered the pantheon of credit limit gods. Smiley Happy

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