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Re: USAA or NFCU??

Rightcoast, i dont own a home yet, so I'm failry "wet behind the ears" when it comes to mortgage rates...but from what I read there are better options out there. As fair as credit cards go there are better options out there, but I like to bank with a military affilliated bank, so I dont mind. I read your other post about Wells Fargo....bottom line is, you cant go wrong with USAA or NFCU, both offer a plethora of product; customer service by both are unmatched.


USAA is also easy on the approval process (if you're a full member) and only pull EQ (based on my experience).

Wallet: NFCU CashRewards 35k-- USAA AMEX 28k-- USAA World MC 22k-- Discover IT 17.5k--Chase Freedom 23.5k-- NFCU NavCheck 15k
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