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USB CASH+ Pre-Qualified, Approved, then Pre-Qualified again

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USB CASH+ Pre-Qualified, Approved, then Pre-Qualified again

Curious, I am sure this has happened to someone.


Was pre-qualified for the USB CASH+ a few weeks ago, and got approved, story here 


After having the card a couple of weeks, I am getting an email from US Bank saying I am pre-qualified for the same card again, appears to be a different confirmation code and everything.


I am not feeling brave enough to app again, my luck is not that good Smiley LOL


But I was thinking, there had to be a MF family member who has done this, and if so, were you successful?


I am also guessing there has to be a "1 USB app in x-mount of days" rule, I just don't recall what it is, so if someone knows that please post that as well.

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Re: USB CASH+ Pre-Qualified, then Pre-Qualified again

I had this occur about 8 years ago just after joining this forum. First wasn't a pre-approval, though. Was searching for best rewards available and requirements and found US Bank and its options. Don't remember all of the details, you can read about it here: ( applied and waited for the manual review and was approved for $16.5K. About 2 weeks later, received another pre-approval (see thread here: and like you thought it was very strange, thought it was just marketing, or perhaps something that got lost in the mail. Think I asked around here and received multiple opinions. Wound up calling US Bank and talked to a first and second level CSR that confirmed it was a separate pre-approval and that odds were good I would be approved. I was feeling pretty good about myself and thought 2 cards would allow me 5% for all the categories I was interested in, so went for it. Same manual review and was again approved for $12.5K. Have received a single CLI on the first card to $19K while the second has grown to $25K and was PC'd to the Altitude Go. In hindsight, probably shouldn't have applied for either card since I was within 6 months of buying a house, but it all worked out.

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Re: USB CASH+ Pre-Qualified, then Pre-Qualified again

These campaigns are often outsourced to a 3rd party that specializes in managing them, but even if everything is handled in-house it can still take a while for the left hand to figure out what the right hand has done.  


I've had the same thing happen to me a few times with pre-approval letters with updated code sent after an approval and once after a denial Iwhich itself happened when I pulled the trigger after preapproval letter #5 of the campaign).    I've never followed up and tried again though.


I guess if you feel lucky and are willing to burn a HP without having a good take on the probability of approval you can consider it.   There are people who hold 2 x Cash+ cards and there have been same-day approvals of a Cash+ and a Max Cash so it's not like this is an impossible quest. 

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Re: USB CASH+ Pre-Qualified, Approved, then Pre-Qualified again

You guys want to laugh, a 3rd pre-qualified offer for the Cash+ just came in the mail, different confirmation code again.


If I wasn't such a chicken, I am almost tempted to APP again for this since USB wants me to so badly! Smiley LOL

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