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USbank Insight

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Re: USbank Insight

@galahad15 wrote:

For the most part, I have been very happy with US Bank, and have found the Cash+ IME to be a breakthrough product, since with the 5% cashback categories of utilities, cable TV, cell phones, and fast food (I have 2 Cash+ cards), these days I am able to typically get anywhere from $30 - $40 a month in free cashback, and I PIF monthly on both cards.  Like other posters had mentioned they tend to be very conservative -- on my first Cash+ card, I received a SL of $500, which I was later eventually able to get a CLI on to $4k, and then with my second Cash+ card, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a SL of $24k.  If you PIF and can make viable use of the utilities and cable TV 5% categories in particular, I would say that it is a must-have product, again just mho and personal $0.02...

Question @galahad15  did you get 5% on your $0.02?😄

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Re: USbank Insight

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:

Question @galahad15  did you get 5% on your $0.02?😄

Lol  Smiley Happy

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Re: USbank Insight

I agree with the other posters.  They tend to be conservative, but I bank with them so maybe that helps.  I have two Cash+ cards with them and with the 5% categories (cell, cable, utilities), to me its a slam dunk!  Good luck!

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Re: USbank Insight

I've banked with US bank since they acquired my old bank in 2008. I've never had any issues with them, and every CSR I've talked with has been nice and helpful. While they are a conservative lender, they are a little more relaxed with established clients.

I've had the Cash+ for 1.5 years now. I like it for my regular monthly charges that I don't have on another 5% card (right now I have my monthly gym charge and cable/streaming). No complaints, but like others have said it's not a must have card for me.
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Re: USbank Insight

My DW applied for the Cash+ card this past March and was approved with a SL of $7500.  No previous business with USB, a FICO 8 of around 700 (I think) with a medical collection.  Perhaps the biggest reason for her being accepted with a rather large SL compared to the norm was that she had 0 INQ for the past 24+ months.  USB appears to be conservative, so I think the INQ on your reports play a big role.


The choice of categories are a huge plus, as long as they keep Utilities on the list.


I don't like how they break down the rewards in the history view, however.  They show the reward category eligible transactions with a 1% "standard" reward, but then show the extra % separately on different lines.  So a 5% reward category will be shown as a line with 1% and as a 4%.  It makes it hard to figure out if you are being rewarded correctly or not.


Otherwise, very happy with them.

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Re: USbank Insight

Most credit card application goes through manual review.
Rewards will expire after 36 month after they earned, i lost $20 some because of it.
They keep giving me CLI , I keep calling them to reduce it, I don't need 5 figure credit line when the quarterly CAP is 2K.
I like US Bank generally, you can open a free gold checking account after you got approved for a credit card. And they run checking account opening bonus all the time.
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