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Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

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Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

Hi folks.  Just happened across a useful comparison tool on the ValuePenuin site that allows one to plug in one's spend and determine which of Uber, DC or Freedom works better.


Doubtless one could do the same with a spreadsheet, but since the analysis has been done ... .



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Re: Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

Kinda cool. I don’t have the UBER or Freedom, but still fun to look LOL

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Re: Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

Wow this is really cool! I wish they'd do one comparing travel rewards cards based on user-input/average CPP redemption value - hopefully we get to see something like that in the future

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Re: Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

Freedom has more ROI with UR, technically.
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Re: Uber / DC / Freedom comparison tool

Value penguin 's tool allows user input, just click number of monthly spending.

If you want to change point value and also compare Amex cards, go here
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