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Uber Visa Cardholder Feedback Wanted


Re: Uber Visa Cardholder Feedback Wanted

I actually like the look of the card.  Being a person of the LGBTQ persuasion, I like the subtle pride coloring on the card.  It's classy and not overdone.  It's one of the features that originally piqued my interest in the card.


On the flip side, with mobile pay growing by leaps and bounds, it means that there is a lesser need for any one given card to come out of my wallet, so the look of credit cards will start to matter less in the future (just an opinion).

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Re: Uber Visa Cardholder Feedback Wanted

@dlister70 wrote:

@SBR249 wrote:

I used mine mostly for restaurants and the cell phone insurance. But since I got a card that gave me 5% cashback at restaurants when I choose that category I've stopped using the Uber card except for cell phone bills for now. 

What card is giving 5% back at restaurants?  I thought 4% was the best card, unless it comes up as the 5% quarter for Discover or Freedom?  Cash+ gives 5% at fast food, but I've not heard of 5% at restaurants, and you've got me really curious.  Smiley Happy

Even though it's now geographically limited, Vantage West Rewards VISA gives 5% CB on dining year-round, dining & fast food.


On a similiar note, I was able to join Nusenda, even though I live in the midwest, due to the fact that my employer had a footprint in the state of New Mexico. So there are ways.....

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Re: Uber Visa Cardholder Feedback Wanted

My ebay sometimes codes as 1%. Annoying but I like how transparent the rewards are. It’s my daily driver as the majority of my spending is dining and online purchases. I have an amex for gas and groceries and double cash for large purchases outside of those categories.

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