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Ugh payment holds (NFCU and CapOne)

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Ugh payment holds (NFCU and CapOne)

Got my first rude NFCU rep when I called about a payment hold with NFCU. She had an attitude and told me the high balance would be reported and hung up on me during a sup transfer. Called back, got a better rep, advised I don't care about the hold as long as it doesn't affect my reporting. I paid a day before my statement closes.


Same thing happened with CapOne.


I don't understand payment holds on Secured Credit Cards.

-Rebuilding with CapOne Cash: $1.5k, NFCU cashRewards $8.5K, NavCheck $5K, Wal-Mart: $1.1K, Sam's: $1.2K, Amazon: $1.9K, Apple Barclay: $3K, Haverty's: $1.5K, GE capital: $5K, Sears: $250(AU), PP MC:$1.5K, CareCredit:$3K (closed 1st home 05/08/13)
Starting Score: 492-TU04, 480-EX FICO V2, 467-EQ Beacon 5 (Via Mortgage PreQual March '12)
Current Score: EX,EQ,TU (lender pull): 652, 659, 689, Walmart TU FICO: 691 (05/13)
Goal Score: 700

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