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My citi card magnetic strip has started to wear so I was wanting to get a replacement card.  I went under the tools and services screen and thought I hit the "order replacement card button" and instead apparently hit the "CLI request" button which is right above it.  Immediately I get a message saying that they couldn't approve me for a CLI (well yeah I'm in the process of raising my scores and my Util% is still too high) and then it said I would get some kind of letter explaining why I was denied.


My question is this:  Was this a hard pull?  I'm really going to be pissed that pressing a button without an option to submit information or the "are you sure you wanna do this page?" did a hard pull on my credit after I've been busting my ass trying to get my scores up Smiley Sad


Does anyone know if I just screwed up?

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Re: Ugh!

Most likely is was only a soft pull.  But, if you want to know for sure, you'll have to pull your CR's to find out.

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Re: Ugh!

PP is correct but it is almost certain they did not instant HP.  if you didn't fill out a form you should be fine.  again, you can double check your report to verify if you are concerned about it.


i did the same thing at citi's site and was so annoyed at myself.  i even called to see if they could retract the request, a long shot but i figured at the time that it couldn't hurt.  in any case it did not result in an HP.  ultimately nothing much came of it (besides a denial letter) remember inqs are one of the smallest pieces of the pie chart at 10% if i remember correctly. 


a single inq. is unlikely to cause problems and in this case imo you would have grounds to request goodwill removal if one appeared which i seriously doubt.  i think it is pushing the envelope somewhat to allow for a one click request to prompt a HP since it is not uncommon for even a good typist to have a stray click now and again.



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