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Unfreezing Reports timing vs for Pre-qual or Pre-approved offers


Unfreezing Reports timing vs for Pre-qual or Pre-approved offers

Hello All-


    1.How long in advance one should unfreeze reports, to increased the likelihood of receiving cc Pre-qual or Pre-approvals?

       Mainly offers by mail or online from major banks?



    2. Is there a particular timeframe or pattern when banks, received information from CRA's on individuals after they unfreeze




         I am not asking about the requirements that merit said offers i.e. score, util and AAoa.  


         I understand that pre-approved offers are not guaranteed to arrived in my mailbox, nor are they always approved on submittal.  


         I am just trying to better understand the process; I have been in the garden all seasons since 2014.



  Thanks in Advance,


  All responses are greatly appreciated.

TU 660,EX 679, EQ 673,
DiscoverIT19,500 | Barney's NY,16000 | Jcrew, 8000 | Macy'sRed,12000 | Bloomingdales,9000 | Elan Visa, 5000|
P.C Richards ,4000 | Amazon, 3000 | Barclays, 3000 WalmartMC, 3000 | Target, 3400| Brooks Brothers 1,400
CAP1, 1250 | BOA,1000 | BestBuy, 1000 | American Airlines, 1300|
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