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Unsure which Credit Card to use as my main card?


Unsure which Credit Card to use as my main card?

So I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred and an Amex Gold. I'm unsure which card I should use as my everyday card? I always pay in full, so that's not an issue. I really like the consumer protection that AMEX offers, but I don't seem to be getting many MR points from them because I do not travel to often. Basically getting 1 point per dollar. Also, I do tend to dine out and go to bars a decent amount, so maybe the Chase Sapphire Preferred would be better? 


Before the annual fee comes up for both cards, I am either planning on downgrading the CSP to a Chase Sapphire, or getting rid of the Amex gold and keeping the CSP. What are your thoughts? The Amex also has NPSL, which is nice, I have a 5k limit on CSP, but don't get anywhere near that. Maybe neither of these cards are right for me? 


Profile: 23 yrs old, $45k salary, living at home so no expenses but hope to change that in a year as I get pay increases, paying for an auto loan currently. 


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Unsure which Credit Card to use as my main card?

I think this just boils down to which do you prefer AMex MR or Chase UR

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