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Update on Req AMEX CLI @ 60 day DENIED!!

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Update on Req AMEX CLI @ 60 day DENIED!!

Well just thought I would updated every one.  I asked for the CLI a day after the 60 days of my Amex TU Costco card and was denied.  I had asked for 1300 which was a bit over doubling my existing CL.  The automated system did say due to things found on my CR.  So, because of recent post I said what the heck I called the executive # to see about getting further details and possible a recon.  The rep was very nice and she explained to me I would get a letter but was denied.  But, she did say that the asking ever 6 months only applies to when you are actually granted a CLI and if I felt I was in a better position to ask for a CLI in 2 months or more I could. 


I have my bankruptcy still showing I am one year away, and a few baddies from 3+ years.  What I am also thinking that it could be my uti is high compared to when I applied, so that could be a big reason!  So, once I get the uti again possibly within the next three months I will ask again.  


Just keeping every one informed, as updates on this forum are what are priceless.  Smiley Tongue

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