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Update on the AMEX Corporate Advantage Program (CAP)

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Update on the AMEX Corporate Advantage Program (CAP)

A statement credit is now avalabile for the AMEX Green Card; the details are below. I submitted a request via chat to have it applied to my existing Green Card. I was told the credit would be applied in 2-3 business days. I'll report back with the results.


AMEX Corporate Advantage Program - Annual statement credit details

  • AMEX Green - $75
  • AMEX Gold - $100
  • AMEX Plat - $150
  • AMEX BCP - $50

Disclaimer: Refer to the CAP website to learn the terms and conditions per your employer's arrangement


Disclaimer: The annual statement credit will be posted to your [***] Card account within 8-12 weeks after your account is approved and within 8-12 weeks of each anniversary date of [***] Card Membership. To be eligible for the annual statement credit, you must have the same Corporate Card Account and the same [***]Card Account as you did when you received your first annual statement credit and both your [***] Card and eligible Corporate Card accounts must not be cancelled or past due at the time a statement credit is posted.


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Re: Update on the AMEX Corporate Advantage Program (CAP)

That's a ton of good news. I apped the Platinum in this program, but did not expect I could add my existing Gold and Green to it. That really cements my AMEX trifecta for a while. 

Thanks for the info!

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