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Updating income with Credit Cards Questions

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Re: Updating income with Credit Cards Questions

Recenly I updated my income my $30,000 when I inheretied a significant amount of dividend and interest paying investments from my father when he passed away. I did not have any request to prove income from any CC, including Citi. Citi acyually gave me a $2,000 CLI on my Costco visa.

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Re: Updating income with Credit Cards Questions

@Saeren wrote:

@MaizeandBlue wrote:

The CARD Act (2009) imposed the requirement that financial institutions consider a borrower's "ability to pay" when evaluating a credit application and deciding on credit limits. That "ability to pay" is determined by your reported income and its the reason why lenders will periodically ask you to update your income. You would be doing yourself a disservice by deliberately understating your income.

Not if you don’t want to fork over tax documents and you’re dealing with a lender known to request them, like Amex and Citi. A huge increase in income reported is highly likely to trigger a review and if you don’t send off the tax paperwork, you can lose the lines you already have. 

Honestly I've never heard of anyone getting a financial review because they declined to provide the 4506-T form requested during a CLI.

I'd be interested in seeing datapoints that support that claim.


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Re: Updating income with Credit Cards Questions

Considering the fact that I filed ch7 last year, and I don't think that any of the majors (AMEX, CITI, etc) are going even look at me for a good long time (if ever), I don't think I will be worrying about them now.
I just assumed that a huge increase in income (such as mine) may raise some flags if I update it. I am NOT immediately going to ask for any cli though... I really don't want to be on anyone's radar.
I am going to wait a few months to ask for increases just to be on the safe side.
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Re: Updating income with Credit Cards Questions

If that's the plan for the time being that's will be fine. I don't expect any issues simply updating your income.

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