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Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

Seems like that'd be a downgrade! Slate has 0 bt fees!!! Love my cashback on Freedom though!
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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

I would think that the freedom would be a downgrade too... I always thought the freedom was almost an "entry" level card.. Well I guess Amazon would be the entry level card for chase but still.. Slate seems to be a "higher" tiered card..


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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

I had a Chase Slate (changed over from a really old card with a different bank) and PC'd it to a Freedom card once I paid off my balance.  I think each card has a different benefit depending on the user needs.  If you PIF every month, I don't see the benefit of the Slate.  I had no problem with the PC, but I had 0 balance, and I had the account for over 10 years.  My APR is still really awful though (27% and won't budge) but I don't keep a balance - I just want the rewards!

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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

Did you carry a balance every month during the 1 year wait to pC to freedom? I'm trying to PC from slate to freedom as well but they told me I had to wait a year for a PC. I paid off my balance transfer and was wondering if I should carry like a small balance on the card till the year expires to show them that I PIF.

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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

All I did was send a secure message telling them I was paying off my slate in a few weeks and thinking about closing my account(which was true).  I told them if I was eligible for a product change, I would consider keeping my account open.  They emailed me back saying they could convert me to a freedom.  Yep, I took the offer Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgrade Slate to Freedom?

Freedom is not a down grade if your not using it for BTs. You get points/$ back for spending. None of their cards are really entry level. Chase is very strict on who they give credit too. Slate like others said are only really good if you carry a balance. I think there is a 1% APR difference between the two. Also I have never seen any world or signature slates only on freedom. So maybe that tells you something as well.

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