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Upgrading a Capital One card

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Upgrading a Capital One card

I opened my first capital one card last year, a platinum MasterCard with a $300 limit. It was increased to $500 through credit steps and in late summer I had it upgraded to a quicksilver card. The limit didn’t go up but it now gets 1.5% back.
I then applied for a journey card and was approved for $1000.
Basically I’m just kicking myself because I should have gotten a new separate quicksilver, as that would have given me a signing bonus. And I didn’t realize you could only have two cap one accounts and I probably should’ve tried for something other than journey.
My credit history is still very short and despite my score fluctuating between 680-700 capital one is the only card company that says I pre qualify.

So should I cancel the journey and try for some else or wait until my history is a bit older and get a card through someone else? My only goal is to raise my credit score.
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Re: Upgrading a Capital One card

If those are the only 2 cards you have I wouldn’t be canceling anything.
Started 6/6/2018 EX - 588 ; EQ - 667 ; TU 575

Updated 12/2018

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Re: Upgrading a Capital One card

I wouldn’t cancel either of them, I would apply for Discover if it was me. 


I am curious about your stats though, $300->$500 is low for a well-managed credit steps card in my experience. The fact you aren’t prequalified for anything else raises questions too. 


680-700 is FICO or are you looking at CreditWise/Credit Karma/etc? Income, any late payments, how many inquiries, etc?

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Re: Upgrading a Capital One card

The credit steps card was my first card in several years. At that time I had one negative mark for late payment that has been removed now. As soon as i got the card a count down was listed on my account saying that with 5 payments my cl would go to $500.
My journey card says it will go to $1500 from $1000. Seems like it goes up by about 50% each time.

And yes I’m getting my current score from creditwise but I’ve checked all three reports recently and other than variations in the inquiries listed they were roughly the same.
I have zero late payments, 2-4 inquiries (depending on the what report), my oldest line is one year old, 2 credit cards, 1 self lender account, and I pay each card in full each month. Last month I let my utilization go up near 50% so that has brought my score down now but like I said I do pay in full and by next month my score should go back up.
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