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Upromise bonus

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Re: Upromise bonus

Themanwhocan wrote:

Well, I did sign up for a Upromise account 3 years ago. Apparenty I just passed the 3 year mark recently. I still have welcome emails in their system, from 2/20/2011.


I've managed to accumulate $0.00 in rewards so far Smiley Wink


Their online shopping mall seems rather large. Might be useful. Might not.

I forget how many years I've had my account...  I thought the upromise mc wasn't worth it, but the MC now earns 5% on merchants in their mall.


I've used Target a lot...  I have the Target Visa with its pathetic limit, and so if the item is free shipping, I use the UP MC instead, get 5% from the mall, and then the 5% from the UP MC.


The upromise shopping options seem better than I remember. I still will open windows to ebates and mypoints as well. 

I was going to garden... Honest!
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